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Natural Pioneer’s founder Jelena experienced first-hand, what environmental toxins, chemically treated food & beauty products can do when she lost her mom to cancer at age 12.

Something changed on that Monday morning. Driven by the question of “WHY?”, she began to read book after book and study after study on lifestyle, psychology, hydration, and nutrition. She talked with leading authorities about Western Medicine, Ayurveda, and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

She travelled to more than 15 countries, including Australia, Finland, Spain, Sweden, the United States, Belgium and Portugal. The insights on cultural differences in lifestyle and diets were invaluable and offered new impulses and reason to reflect. As an avid writer, she filled over 25 journals with her thoughts, knowledge, and wisdom.

Jelena grew up as a competitive gymnast in Germany, holds a degree in Engineering (M.Eng.) and has published a book on nutrition. Today, she lives in Los Angeles where she runs Natural Pioneers and offers a different outlook to living The Natural Way.


“Jelena and her team provided superior service through a very strenuous time in my life. As my youngest son was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, it was time for us to eliminate anything toxic in our house. And you wouldn’t believe all the things Jelena found. Her empathic and professional service helped us achieve a safe, non-toxic home setting where my son can safely get the rest he needs after his treatments. He is on the road to recovery now and I know that the elimination of toxins was a major step towards getting him better. Jelena was a God-sent and I highly recommend her consultations to anyone!”

Megan, 39, mother of 3

“Before we came across Natural Pioneers, me and my wife were convinced to live very healthy lives. We only eat organic food and cook most our meals at home. When our friends introduced us to Jelena and her blog, I was shocked to learn about the toxins in our mattress where we both spend a good 8 hours every night. Jelena helped us identify toxic products and find safe alternatives. We highly recommend her services!”

William, 47, research scientist

“Do you ever wonder if your personal care products and home furniture is dangerous? I have these thoughts regularly. And instead of reading other people’s “opinions” online, I usually give Jelena a call. Why? Because I know for sure that she’s looked into the latest studies and has a clear and actionable answer for me.”

Kevin, 28, entrepreneur
Natural Pioneers Consulting



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After more than 10 years of passionate research, we can confidently say that we know about the chemicals and toxins used in products.

In our store, you’ll find only non-toxic and personally tested products with science-backed benefits.

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Jelena Williams
Jelena Williams

Jelena, the founder of Natural Pioneers, has grown up in Germany and has a lifetime experience and passion about natural living. She is a book author, child care professional, and non-toxic consultant, and helps her clients achieve non-toxic home environments, empowering them to live healthier, and cleaner lives.


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